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SoundCloud Rap Star Kevin Pouya Accused of Orchestrating Gang Rape of Fan

SoundCloud Rap Star Kevin Pouya Accused of Orchestrating Gang Rape of Fan

Pouya and Fat Nick, the‘Ren that is so-called and’ of rap, built their brand name on being lovable knuckleheads. But a year ago, one of those had been quietly accused of intimate assault.

Tarpley Hitt


In October of 2013, a thin kid that is white Kevin Pouya uploaded a video to YouTube called “How to obtain Free Donuts. ” The video clip opens on Pouya, appearing like a preteen Travis Birkenstock, dealing with the digital camera. “Check it away, give it a look, ” he states, “This is the way you have free donuts, from Dunkin’ Donuts. No. Cash. Needed. ” The camera follows Pouya and a friend as they order at a drive-thru window, grab a box of glazed, and speed off without paying, cackling out of the lot over a piano soundtrack straight from The Sims.

Miami rapper Pouya’s early YouTube series, Nick and Pouya Show, produced together with best friend and longtime collaborator, Fat Nick, ended up being filled up with pranks such as this one—silly, unscripted, low-budget, funny and then those involved. But almost 2 yrs later on, after Pouya scored huge number of streams on SoundCloud, somewhat more body mass, and a coveted spot in South Florida’s rap scene, he nevertheless cited their YouTube show once the beginning of their job.

“Comedy had been our very first thing, ” Pouya stated of fat Nick to his partnership on No Jumper, a favorite hip-hop podcast whose interviews with underground rappers act as some sort of litmus test for long-lasting viability. But even yet in their thing—writing that is second the, melancholy pubs now synonymous with Southern Florida rap—Pouya and Nick constantly branded on their own as amiable goons. The set have comedy that is classic differential (Pouya plays a skeletal David Spade to Nick’s Chris Farley), fast banter, and a dark, cartoonish sensibility, leading one journalist to dub them the “Ren and Stimpy of rap. ”

Within the time since, the duo became regulars within the sphere of SoundCloud rap, having a title sign in the newest York reference Times’ definitive article about the subject and constant commercial success. In 2016, Pouya featured on “Dat $tick, ” the breakout solitary from Indonesian MC Rich Brian (then Rich Chigga), who now figures among the list of biggest names in rap. All over time that is same Pouya dropped Underground Underdogs, which climbed iTunes’ hip-hop charts for almost a week. Later on, his 2017 collab with Fat Nick, Drop away from class, accompanied suit. Then Five Five, a well-received mixtape released in March (known as when it comes to rapper’s height), prompted Pouya to announce a month-long trip across Europe for early this autumn.

But final September, amidst their career growth and merely a fortnight before Harvey Weinstein’s intimate misconduct allegations caused a cataclysm of #MeToo moments, the rappers’ reputation took a change for the severe, each time a 22-year-old tattoo artist filed a police report, accusing Pouya and two people in their entourage of intimate attack.

In a declaration towards the constant Beast, a representative published on Pouya’s behalf that the rapper categorically denies participating in non-consensual intimate conduct with anybody. He claims not to have experienced contact that is sexual the accuser, and also to be “prepared” to simply just simply take her allegations to court.

“Mr. Pouya is confident that a simple research of this facts will expose why these claims are false, ” the representative composed, “and when proof is evaluated these allegations will undoubtedly be determined to own been created by a disingenuous man or woman who is searching for attention beneath the umbrella of the #MeToo movement. ” Law enforcement report ended up being filed on 24, 2017 september. The #MeToo motion shot to popularity after October 5, 2017.

The tale begins during the early 2015, when Pouya rose to SoundCloud semi-fame after releasing a number of singles, like the track that is popular Buck” (2013), as well as 2 mixtapes, Stunna (2014) and Southern Side Slugs (2015). The BMX-blogger, hip-hop tastemaker, and recently accused sexual assailant Adam Grandmaison, better known as Adam22 though still largely unknown, Pouya’s small but rabid following earned him a spot on No Jumper, speaking with the podcast’s notorious host. (Grandmaison denies the allegations. )

Within the episode, the then-20-year-old Pouya described growing up in Miami together with his grandmother, fulfilling Nick within the 7th grade, and becoming fast friends. They skated, made videos that are quick their YouTube channel, and soon after, after both boys dropped away from senior school, broke into rap.

The pivot from comedy to music wasn’t random—Pouya and Fat Nick had been buddies with people of Raider Klan, the hip-hop collective spearheaded by an musician known as SpaceGhostPurrp, who helped place South Florida music in the map.

Pouya’s No Jumper appearance proved immediately popular–then among the show’s most viewed—and when you look at the after months their profession gained energy, prompting Adam22 to invite the rapper returning to the podcast simply 10 months later (“His profession is continuing to grow like hell, ” the host had written within the show records. ) Element of that appeal stemmed from Pouya’s silly schtick (he and Nick are laughing throughout) and from their frankness. The rapper talked openly about anxiety, despair, and insecurity that is romantic but additionally about explicit intimate escapades that take for an ominous tone in light associated with allegations against him.

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